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OMICURE is a leading European digital health precision medicine company, that develops and markets genomic diagnostic oncology products which help support physicians with their complex treatment decisions in cancer treatments. OMICURE's technology combines a proprietary advanced, comprehensive analytical xAI platform (explainable Artificial Intelligence platform) that analyzes all clinically relevant cancer biomarkers (DNA, RNA and protein profiles) from both solid and liquid biopsies, with its curated cancer treatments knowledge database that continuously learns from cutting-edge, validated, scientific and medical advances.
This one-stop-shop analysis and interpretation service gives oncologists actionable results to enable the selection of treatments tailored to the individual patient's cancer profile.
The portfolio also includes Omicfood, a test that defines dysregulated genes in the tumor, and matches them to a database of known genes-nutriments interactions using xAI platform. Omicfood will report all nutriments that may help the body correct dysregulations according to your tumor.

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