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Life Length

Life Length is the world's leading diagnostic biotech company owing an intellectual property and a proprietary platform technology, based on the measurement of telomere variables and the related trials for aging and age-related diseases.
Based in Madrid, Life Length is the most advanced accredited clinical laboratory holding an Operating License from the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products, and being the only US federal laboratory in Spain.

HealthTAV® monitors the aging process. This test evaluates the extent to which aging is affected by lifestyle and therapeutic interventions. It also analyzes effectiveness of personalized wellness programs and compliance to them. HealthTAV® uses our patented TAT® (Telomere Analysis Technology), the worldwide most accurate tool for the measurement of telomere length and the determination of the multiple associated variables.

A new telomere - based biomarker for the early diagnosis of prostate cancer. ProsTAV helps reduce by 33% the need for unnecessary biopsies.